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(Plus Some You Do and Don’t Know Why)


You’ve heard of Henry Ford, Gerald Ford and Barry Gordy, all great Michiganians, but do you know who Kelly Johnson, Thomas Palmer and Harriet Quimby are? You should, and you will if you read “Michiganians You Should Know- (Plus some you do and don’t know why)”.
The idea for this book started with me anchoring an abc12 newscast in Flint, Michigan. The story, former Detroit Mayor Kwami Kilpatrick being sentenced at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. I thought, what did Frank Murphy ever do to always be associated with bad people?

So, I put his name into my box of stuff to explore. Then I tossed in more names, Higgins, a beautiful lake but, who was Higgins?

My plan was to, one day, lift the ten-thousand-pound-pen and write another book telling stories about these Michiganians. I researched Saints in Michigan, the Michigan scientist who re-wrote the periodic table, the winner of the first Indianapolis 500 and the people who named soda, “pop”; all from Michigan. Getting started is the hardest part, but then a strange thing happened, a pandemic. Suddenly, because of Covid 19, all my speaking engagements were canceled, no gatherings or vacations; and most importantly my wife, Ginny, started to work from home.

What else was there to do but write! More than a year later, here we are and here it is.

Check out all my books below and if you are looking for someone to tell stories; I’m your storyteller.

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As an author, I have the pleasure of offering a children’s book: The Legend of the Abominable Huckleberry or The Practically True Tale of How the Huckleberry Railroad Got It’s Name.  A drive around M-25 with my book Michigan Thumb Drive. Plus my first book, The Great Great Lakes Trivia Test. Visit the Author page to learn more about the books and buy a copy while you are at it!

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The Great Great Lakes Trivia Test


Have you ever heard of Harriet Quimby, Kelly Johnson and Perry Feigenson? A Michiganian is considered the Father of the Digital Age, another the father of bow hunting and another the inventor of the electric stove.

Michiganians have been honored by having a lake, city, park or building named after them. Of course, some just happened to know the right person or were present at just the right place at the perfect time.

Michiganians You Should Know (and some you do and don’t know why) includes sketches of over 50 Michiganians I think you should really know. Why were they important enough to be remembered? To answer that question is my purpose.

The Great Great Lakes Trivia Test

The (even) Greater Great Lakes Trivia Test

The (even) Greater, Great Lakes Trivia Test is about the people, places and history of Michigan and the Great Lakes. Who was the first millionaire in Detroit, What Michiganian could juggle four balls while riding a unicycle and is called the father of the digital age, where is Michigan’s first historical marker, and why can Michigan Catholics eat muskrat on meatless days? Learn the Who, What, Where, When and Why of Michigan. Take the test, let’s see what you know.
The Great Great Lakes Trivia Test

The Great Great Lakes Trivia Test

A must have for any trivia buff or Michigan fan! You will be amazed at the 264 pages packed with interesting facts and stories about Michigan. Use the Pay Pal option below to order for $16.95 plus shipping cost, or view the events link to meet Michael on the book tour.
Michigan's Thumb Drive

Michigan's Thumb Drive

“Michigan’s Thumb Drive” is a trip through the history of Michigan. Michael J. Thorp tells stories of people, hard work and hard luck; legends of opportunity and riches and of failure and loss. Tales of presidents and war heroes, famous inventors and explorers, simple farmers and sophisticated Ivy League professors; it’s all here in one trip around Michigan’s Thumb.
Legend of the Abominable Huckleberry

Legend of the Abominable Huckleberry

Author Michael J. Thorp turns railroad history on its ear with this delightful and slightly scary tale of an oversize huckleberry and the people who see it, and have to decide whether to tell anyone what they saw. A little history, a little fantasy and a whole lot of fun. Do you believe in the Abominable Huckleberry?