Tis the season to look for fun, interesting and inexpensive gifts, and “The Great, Great Lakes Trivia Test” fills the bill at $16.95. Order right now and you’ll get your copy in time for Christmas.
My second book, The Legend of the “Abominable Huckleberry has also just been released. It’s a children’s story with a little Michigan railroad history, a bit about one of Michigan’s biggest lumber barons, who was also a Governor of Michigan, some fantasy and a lot of fun. It’s just $12.95!
I will be signing books Saturday, December 10 at Northwoods Wholesale Outlet in Pinconning, Michigan. My old friend Johnny Burke will be broadcasting live on WHNN 96.1FM out of Saginaw too.

If you can find your way to Pinconning you can’t miss it.

This is one of the most interesting stores I’ve ever been in. They have, well it seems like everything, hunting, camping supplies, more fishing poles and crossbows than you’ve ever seen and tools and holiday decorations and toys and space heaters and my book and, like I said, just about everything. All at amazing prices.

Stop in and say hi, pick up your copy, or copies of “The Great, Great Lakes Trivia Test” at a special price. Let’s see what you know about our Great Lakes State.

For those in the Flint area I will be signing both books at the Flint Farmer’s Market on Saturday December 17.