When we were shut in, back in March 2020, I decided to work on the book I had been organizing for better than a year. I wasn’t sure I would ever actually write it, but had been gathering information. I started writing 5-7 hours every day, really pluggin at it; really had nothing else to do.

It’s done, well, at least the writing is done. It is now being edited and the photos are being secured and it is very close to release.

The title, “Michiganians You Should Know-and some you do and don’t know why” It started with a thought. The thought; why is Frank Murphy’s name always associated with bad people? So, I put his name in my yearly box. Then I started adding other names, Higgins, a beautiful lake but, who is Higgins? I discovered a couple of movie cowboy stars who were from Michigan, I didn’t know that. An Academy Award winning actress from Saginaw, an assassin from Alpena, the man who invented the electric stove and the woman who rode a barrel over Niagara Falls; these people were all connected to Michigan? 

So, with a little push and time I hope to release before the end of the year.