While I am collecting interesting stories of the Great Lakes, for my next book, the “GreatER, Great Lakes Trivia Test”, I am also working on correcting mistakes in the first book.
Oscoda’s Dr. Dave Wright, a self proclaimed “boatnerd”, found a mistake.

Whose name was on the Great Lakes freighter that sank on Lake Superior in the famous “gales of November”?

A. Carl D. Bradley
B. Daniel J. Morrell
C. Edmund Fitzgerald

My Answer was A, B & C
I said it was a trick question, (it was for me), all of the ships went down in November storms on Lake Superior. The Bradley in 1958, taking 33 lives, the Morrell in 1966 with 29 lost, and the Fitzgerald in 1975 with 29 losing their lives.

Here is what Dr. Wright wrote to me…

Michael J., I purchased your book recently and noted what I believe is an error. Pg 21 the question about ships that sank in November storms. The Fitz sank in Lake Superior, the Carl Bradley sank in Lake Michigan and I believe the Morrell sank in Lake Huron. Enjoying the book, but I am a “boatnerd”. www.boatnerd.com

Of course he was Wright, or right I mean:

Hi Dr. Wright,
Thanks for the correction. I looked at the question and see that just like when I was in college I answered a question that wasn’t asked.
You can be sure it will be corrected in the 2nd edition. Thanks again for your correction, and I’m very pleased you are enjoying my book.
Michael J.

There are two ways I can correct this answer.
1. The answer could be just C, the Edmund Fitzgerald is the only one to go down on Lake Superior in the gales of November

2. I could change the question and remove the reference to Lake
Superior. These Lakers all went down in November, which is quite telling.

If you see a mistake in my book please let me know so I can fix it, and learn more.