Another oops moment for me as I have found a mistake. Well, it really wasn’t me it was John Wojtyna.
He writes;

” Love the book! However small mistake on page 43 the question about salties.
The “salties” have the bump on the bow, not the Lakers.”

No small mistake John, it is a fairly big one.

Here’s the story…
Salties are ocean going freighters that also ply the deeper Great Lakes, Superior, Michigan and Huron. A saltie is often identified by the bump on its bow. In deep water, on long voyages, and at top speeds, the bump helps a ship go faster.

Lakers are ships that ply only the Great Lakes, all of them, and they can be identified by the flat bow. Lakers do not have to travel as fast as ocean going vessels because they don’t have as far to go.

How did I miss this? Good question, it’s just a matter of writing it down backwards. (I do know the difference) I have found that no matter how many times I re-read the proof of the book I missed a couple of things.

They will all be corrected in the second printing which is being organized right now.

Thanks John for finding the mistake and telling me. If you find one please pass it on.
Best in the New Year!