I’ve been traveling around our great state and am pleased to tell you I have found a number of great places that have put “The Great, Great Lakes Trivia Test” on their shelves.

Brilliant Books, in Sutton’s Bay, and the Cottage Book Store in Glen Arbor are both great book stores in beautiiful communities. Stop in and check them out, and pick up a copy of my book.
You will also find the book at one of the great bookstores in Michigan, Horizons Books in Traverse City. Just one more reason to visit that great community.

I visited a number of wineries in the Lelenau Peninsula and had a great ime. You will find the book in one of my favorite new wineries, Silver Leaf Winery, in Sutton’s Bay. If you like red wine try the “Purple Foot”, wonderful. I have a good feeling that if you try some of the Purple Foot, you might be compeled to buy the book.

I am preparing for a fall and winter speaking tour around the state. I have talked about the book, Michigan history, and about being on radio and television, at Libraries, Rotary , Optimist, and other service organizations, Masonic groups, library groups, senior and retiree groups and more. Please contact me if you’d like me to bring some stories to your community. One of the best groups I’ve had the opportunity to speak to was the Friends of the Tawas Library. They packed at coffee shop with 50-60 people. A fun group.

My summer is not quite done with, I will be walking Big Mac on Labor Day, and on Mackinac Island to visit the Island Book Store where they were among the first to carry the book.

The very first book store to stock the book was the Round Lake Book Store In Charlevoix…thanks to Dianne. The story of how the book got to that location is a great one and I will tell it in a future blog.
The Best of Michigan for you
Michael J.